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November 10, 2012
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Vice 15:  Babydoll by donnaDomenitzo Vice 15:  Babydoll by donnaDomenitzo
Mickey picked up her props and examined herself in the mirror with some satisfaction. It was the perfect costume for the evening’s activities –all of them. As she finished adjusting the hem of her skirt Ruth arrived.

“Oh Starr, its perfect!” Ruth gushed as she came into the dressing room eyes wide and smiling. “Turn around for me girl.” Mickey dutifully spun slowly on her toes showing off her costume. “Yes Perfect,” continued Ruth, “The boss will love it! The audience will love it! I love it! Strike a pose for me girl.”

Mickey immediately stared dramatically at the dance director and gracefully adopted a wide fighting stance. She saw Ruth’s breath quicken as the older woman’s eyes feasted on the young dancer. Mickey had no problem balancing in the black mary jane style heels. Though a full four inches high, the thick heel was shorter and much easier to balance on than her normal five inch stilettos. Still, they were of sufficient height to tense her calf muscles nicely, and perfectly formed her smooth toned thighs in their jet black stockings. Mickey could feel the cool air teasing her skin where the stocking tops stopped several inches below the hem of the short grey skirt of her Japanese school costume. Compared to what she had been wearing recently the scandalously short skirt and sailor style top was very conservative.

Ruth stepped forward and gently adjusted Mickey’s hair. Normally Mickey distained pigtails and thought they looked silly, especially on anyone over the age of six, but in this outfit she knew her wild red hair pulled into long pigtails and tied by two black ribbons perfectly complemented the grey sailor-moon type outfit.

But tonight, despite the outfit and hair, Mickey was not portraying the cliché innocent schoolgirl. No. With her black heels, black stockings, and grey suit, Mickey represented the dark and deadly innocent “Babydoll” from the movie Sucker Punch, and if her costume didn’t make that clear her props did. Mickey balanced two deadly realistic swords in her hands. In her left hand she brandished a Wakizashi –the traditional short sword of the Samauri. In her right hand she held its companion, the Katana –the long sword that ancient Japanese law permitted only the warrior class to carry. Together the matched pair, the Daisho, were a deadly combination in the hands of one trained in the deadly martial art of Kenjutsu –traditional Japanese swordsmanship. Holding the swords in a ready position, it was all that Mickey could do to act sultry and sexy and hide the quivering excitement that began burning inside her when she first saw the weapons.

When Mickey had opened the garment bag and saw her costume for the night, it was not the sailor outfit that had made her smile. It was the swords. Of Mickey’s four years in the US Marine Corps, she spent three years stationed at US Marine Air Station Iwakuni in southern Japan. There she had studied Japanese martial arts. Though Mickey was primarily interested in Karate, which she continued to practice as a fifth degree black belt because of its practical value to her career as a cop, she also practiced nitoryu –two sword swordsmanship. While in Japan she became fascinated by the artistry of the samauri swords themselves, and then as she learned karate she was introduced to the martial art of swordsmanship. Over the course of her three years of study she became proficient enough to master the major techniques and combinations of the sword. Now, finding the replica blades, merely intended as props for her dance, was nothing short of divine intervention. Though they did not have a cutting edge, in the hands of the someone who knew how to wield them, the movie reproductions could still be quite useful and dangerous –and Mickey had that knowledge.

All of Mickey’s considerable knowledge and skill was masked by the pleasing smile and somewhat vacant stare she gave Ruth as the dance director beamed happily over the Sucker Punch themed costume. She then had Mickey quickly demonstrate the major moves of the sword dance that was the basis of her stage act.

Satisfied with the dance knowledge implanted through the mind-control programing, Ruth took hold of Mickey’s arms and looked deep into her eyes. Mickey stood submissively, keeping her eyes somewhat glazed and her expression neutral. “You are very special Starr,” Ruth stated softly, her voice hinting at more emotion that the director normally displayed. “After you have finished entertaining Mr. Cardone I’m going to make sure we take special care of you.”

Ruth then leaned in and pressed her lips softly against Mickey’s. She meant it as a good luck kiss, but ever since being teased by the alluring redhead’s lap dance routine she had been tortured by images of the girl kneeling between her knees, and as she kissed her she felt a small flame burst into heat deep inside her. Without thinking, Ruth’s tongue quickly slipped past Mickey’s unresisting lips and she hugged the petite redhead close as the two shared a deep soulful kiss. Mickey’s eyes closed and she moaned softly into the kiss as she let her implanted programing guide her response. For several long monments the two were locked together, Ruth pressing her body tight against Mickey’s curves as her hands cupped the young patrol officer’s face.

Finally, Ruth broke the kiss. She couldn’t believe the effect this girl had on her. She took a deep breath to calm the fire that the innocent kiss started inside her. She had to be careful she reminded herself. “Good luck sister –break a leg! Now get out there, you have ten minutes!”

Ruth left the dressing room and Mickey realized all the other girls had also departed. She was by herself. She set the two swords down and looked in the mirror. For a few seconds she studied the glamorous redheaded vamp who stared back at her and marveled at the contrast with the short-haired brunette tomboy that was her just a few days ago. Then she smiled, twisted the ring on her finger that contained the tiny police radio beacon, picked up her swords and strutted confidently out the door. The sound of her heels clicking loudly in the empty room and following her down the hallway.

The 15th in the "Vice" series. Click below to see the start of the series or the previous installment:

Begining of the Story: Chapter 1:

Previous Chapter 14:

See the folder in my gallery for the complete story so far, in order.

(Let me know if you'd like to read and see more of Patrol Officer Mickey's adventures )


Daz3D->Reality->Lux render with a V4 model.
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paws4thot Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
Minor point, not that anyone else is likely to care now. A katana is a hand and half sword (meaning that someone about Mickey's size or larger lime myself could wield it one or 2 handed), the nodashi is the full 2-handed Japanese  sword.
donnaDomenitzo Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Got it  paws...thanks! :D
paws4thot Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
Cheers. The point annoys me, partly from pedanticism, and partly from the actual knowledge that I can wield a katana one-handed for extended periods.
Lord-Storm Featured By Owner May 10, 2013
now thats a very sexy little outfit. I've been meaning to se this film and now i may actually get around to it. Thanks for the push. Story is just ace
donnaDomenitzo Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you Capt B! :D
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